Blood's War

More arrived

Session 1

When I could see again, all was bright white. There was nothing but an old man sitting for as far as one could see in any direction. I moved to the man, and woke him.

“Good you’re awake!” he said.

“What is this place?”

“Others will show. I’ll explain then.” he said and went back to sleep. After a moment there was a glow from the staff he held. A woman I recognized from tavern appeared, mid-stab with a rapier. He stirred, looked at her and said “You’re awake! At least one more should show.” He started to doze again.

“You were in the tavern.” she said to me.

“Yes, what happened?”

“You shot him, I went to attack and then blackness. Where is this?”

I dropped my head. “I think we’re dead.”

“You’re taking this rather well.” The old man spoke, his staff glowed again. Another appeared, this time one of the strange catfolk. “Good you’re awake!” he said to the newcomer. “I’m afraid this is all that will join us.”

“What are we doing here?” I asked.

“I brought you here, it was a great strain. I need your help. You see, there are only two real gods in this world. Myself, who creates light and life, and my counterpart who creates darkness, and dead things. The man who you fought, works for a man who wishes to destroy me. This would also destroy darkness, for we are counterparts, and can not exist without the other. This, would also destroy all life, and all dead things, everything.”

“But we’re dead. What can we do now?”

“I create life, and therefore can not manipulate living things, but I can manipulate dead things, and grant them life, or return a life that was lost. If I do this, will you stop them for me.” He looked at all of us, but I answered first.

“You are asking the wrong man. I have failed at protecting everyone important to me.”

“But you’ve saved so many more than you’ve lost. You only see failure because you only think of the ones you’ve lost.”

“I’ll help you old man. I wasn’t really done with life anyway.” Replied the woman.

“I’ll go, but not alone.” Replied the cat.

“Did they have anything to do with her death?” I asked. The old man nodded. “Then I’ll go, if just to get my own back.”

“Good, this will be the last time we speak directly. I can not interact with my creations, but you will see another who can speak with me, and others who wish to help.”

After a burning sensation from his touch, I found myself stiff and blind. I went to flex a muscle and felt something peel away. I was encased in something. I cleaned it off, and once my face was clear I saw I was back at the tavern. It was burned to the ground, and there were ash statues of people. I heard movement from one and saw the woman who was with us start to crack. I helped her clear away and then moved to check others. Ustalv crumbled to dust at my touch, but Mellcath was alive in his own ash, not even missing fur. I went to the statue of the man that had killed us all. I let my rage smash his face. In doing so I heard a thump, and sifted through his ashes to find a medallion. I gathered it up and stood. The woman had helped the catfolk clear of the ashes.

It was then I noticed that not just the tavern, but part of town had burned. Also, it was day, and town was abandoned, and overgrown. After some brief of the overgrowth I determined that either something had accelerated the growth of plants and collecting of dust, or we’d been gone close to 50 years.


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