Antininus Aiserigh Evahi

A Spark of Gorum's Forge, and battlelust...

Antininus Aiseirigh Evahi Fighter (05) [XP]
Chaotic Neutral Gorum Varisia
Male Medium Dwarf


Init +2; Senses Darkvision (60ft.)


AC 24, touch 12, flat-footed 22
hp 70 (5d10 + 20)
Fort +7, Ref +3, Will +1
Defensive Abilities (+4 to AC vs. Giants)


20ft., Armor 20ft

(power attack) Vicious Greataxe +12 (1d12+14, +2d6*/20x3)
take 1d6 damage from vicious

(power attack) Masterwork Dwarven Waraxe +12 (1d10+10/20x3)

(power attack) Warhammer +10 (1d8+9/20x3)

(power attack) Masterwork Silver Dagger +11 (1d4+9)

Light Crossbow +7 (1d8/19-20x2)

Special Attacks Power Attack -0/+4, +1/+1 vs. Orcs and Goblins


Str 20
Dex 14
Con 16
Int 16
Wis 10
Cha 9

Base Atk +5 CMB +10; CMD 22

Feats Endurance, Power Attack, Furious Focus, Diehard, Weapon Focus (Greataxe), Weapon Specialization (Greataxe)

Appraise +7, Climb +4, Handle Animal +7, Knowledge (dungeoneering) +10, Perception +5, Survival +8, Swim +4

Common, Dwarven, Giant, Goblin, Orc

Gear Belt of Giant Strength (+2) , +1 Full Plate , Masterwork Heavy Steel Shield , Potion of Cure Light Wounds (2) , Fighter’s Kit , Cart and Mule " Jenny "

GP 4



The tomes of dwarven lore make little note of ordinary lads such as the young Antininus. Like his father and grandfather before him, Antininus was born to be a stone merchant, trading minerals and ore with the longlegs of the woods and men of the river. For all his fascination with the family’s collection of precious gems, he never developed the wisdom for business, and failed as a merchant. Minetta, the one lassie to catch his eyes, cared little for the trappings of a quiet life, and wouldn’t marry him if it hadn’t been pre-arranged between the families. As an engagement gift, he gave her the Diamond of Evahi – a rare, precious diamond that had been in his family for sixteen generations. He told her the legend of his ancestor single-handedly slaying an ancient white dragon, and how he found the diamond where the dragon’s heart should have been. On the eve of their nuptial, she wrote a moon-rune letter Antininus, one that could only be read under the light of a full moon. It was an ultimatum to elope with her and begin a new life of adventure, or risk exposure of his failed business to her family, and an annulment in the days to follow their marriage.

Antininus went where the letter instructed to meet Minetta – not to elope, but to ask for the Diamond of Evahi to be returned to his family since the marriage was nothing more than a sham. He waited and waited, but she never came to the rendezvous. When he returned, the captain of the watch arrested him – Minetta was found dead at her home, with her dowry missing. The next day, a lawbeard named Logrim informed him that Minetta’s dowry and the diamond were found in a saddlebag belonging to Antininus’ mule. He was tried and sentenced to death for murder. He knew that if he could just get back to his home and retrieve her letter, he could prove that Minetta was leaving her home to meet him, and the probability that she fell from her window trying to make an escape. He still had no idea how the dowry got into the saddlebags, but he’d find a way to figure that out. So, he broke out, and managed to get to the letter. Unfortunately, there is no trial or arrest for escaped criminals, and so he killed the gate guard who tried to stop him in self-defense. But it was all for not; Antininus was shot dead by the wall watchmen.

Something about the story didn’t add up to the Dain Deepaxe, the cleric responsible for burial rites. Minetta’s body indicated she died from internal trauma: from a long fall. The gate guard died from a bolt: Antininus was unarmed. The only thing Antininus had in his possession was a blank sheet of parchment, folded and sealed as if it was a letter. So Dain paid a visit to his friend, Thain, who had a way with animals. Thain asked the mule, “Jenny” who loaded the saddlebags, and she replied, “dwarf lady.” After a few hours, it was clear to Thain and Dain that Minetta was the one who prepped the mule for a getaway.

Two days later, Antininus’ uncle, Olav, was arrested by the men of the river; he had traded a gem to a local noble who just so happened to be a childhood friend of Minetta’s, and recognized the precious stone immediately as part of her dowry collection. He was brought back to the dwarf hold, where he confessed under a Zone of Truth that he found out Minetta’s plan to elope, her blackmail to Antininus, and confronted her in an argument the night of her death; things got heated, and he pushed her too hard, and she fell from her balcony. He watched the events unfold as his nephew was sentenced and slain in the attempt to escape his unjust fate; Olav hid in fear and shame. He hatched a plan to run away with the dowry and diamond, but the mule wouldn’t go very far from the hold and the road. In her stubbornness, “Jenny” kicked him in the head, and knocked him unconscious, before she ran back to the hold.

He awoke to find the tip of a dogslicer at his chest, while three goblins picked his saddlebags and vest pockets clean. He played dead, so as not to be killed. Soon, they found the Diamond of Evahi in his pocket, and the goblin held it up in the air like a boy with a pup. A nasty looking orc atop a warg snatched it from the poor goblin’s hand and said “All Shiny for Boss Vanja!” They didn’t find the gem in Olav’s boot… so he traded it to the noblewoman for enough gold to purchase passage on the next riverboat.

Olav’s personal assets were impounded and used to repay Minetta’s family for the dowry; but that wasn’t good enough for Dain – Olav must be made to pay for the resurrection of Antininus, as well. Utterly ruined by shame and stripped of all possession, Olav took his own life in the jail that night. The next day, Antininus was raised by Dain, and was informed of all the events that transpired, as well as Olav’s confession.


They say that a dwarf brought back to life from the dead takes twice as long to kill again; something came back with Antininus… something inside. The humans call it revenge. But we who worship Gorum know it as the spark of battlelust. Antininus began to duel other dwarves for arms and armor that most would have given him out of pity. Now, he is never seen without his plate mail, and a greataxe that once belonged to our clergyman. Antininus trains for war, stopping only to gather information on “Boss Vanja” from goblins and orcs before bringing them to a gruesome end.

Who Antininus was, died. He is now a spark from Gorum’s forge – and the desire to reclaim the Diamond of Evahi burns from within. Wherever he is, he is searching for it – it, and the dowry collection of his tragic fiancé. He will go through rivers of goblin blood and the hottest hells of fire giant fortresses to find it. He serves the battlelust, and he trusts the verdict of the blade.

Antininus Aiserigh Evahi

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